Case Studies and Testimonials

A Family Coming Unglued

“My husband and I had just sent our rebeliious, drug & alcohol abusing, suicidal 15 year old son away to a lock-down facility in Southern Utah. Our family had come to a crossroad and knew that something drastic had to be done…Not only was my son in trouble, but my relationship with my husband was coming unraveled and my older son was beginning to show signs…of the stress that existed behind our closed doors….The facility had given me Frank’s number. I called, and he listened respectfully as I shared all the gory details…then he asked me a question: “Now what?” That stopped me in my tracks…after all the years of pouring out my story to family and friends, he got to the heart of it with two words. [For the last 3 years} Frank has been helping us get to the heart of “what comes next.”…With Frank’s assistance, our family has learned how to respond to each new situation, rather than react. Respect for each other has become a huge priority and it’s been years since a voice has been raised in anger in our home. My husband and I….have learned how to model behaviors that can help both us and our kids become successful….Frank [has] helped me to see what my other options were and given me strategies to work with….I trust him with my family, and that’s the highest recommendation I can give.”

Karen and Eric Durnal

Keeping Us Focused on Our Goals

“We first started thinking about a life coach for our family at a Parent/Child Seminar. We had heard about life coaches… but it wasn’t until we met Frank Brogni that we really understood what it was all about. Frank is so easy to talk to, we always felt heard. He kept us grounded and focused on our goals and purpose. There was a time …that we thought that we might not need a coach…and as a family, we could support each other and be OK. That sounded really good until the first real struggle came up and we knew just how much a third party could help. Frank was and still is a huge support for our family, He has lived what we as parents have experienced. He really does understand what we need and how we feel. I truly feel that we would not be the strong family we are today if we didn’t have the help and support from Frank. We love you, Frank. “

April Whitebread

“He was the rock I needed…”

The day I contacted Frank Brogni changed my life, and my family’s life, forever. It was Frank’s calm, yet very firm, commitment to whole and healthy families, and his coaching regarding the next steps to take…that began an incredibly strong, loyal relationship. I will forever be grateful to his sincere love and concern for us as a family. He was the rock I needed when I was falling apart. To this day, I call on Frank because I know he will not only be there, but he will also be (sometimes brutally) honest.I cannot say enough good things about Frank…. He is a solid coach, who walks his talk in his professional, personal, spiritual and coaching life… Thank you, Frank. I will love you forever!

Mary Ohst

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